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"I had the bad luck to come across the "Wenatchee Wedding Photographer Scammer", as the judge called her.  She asked for an upfront payment of $700 and never delivered the pictures. After chasing her down, together with the sheriff, lawyer, court and a number of 4 other couples who were scammed last year, we finally received SOME of our wedding pictures. They had her huge logo across our faces, and they were photoshoped so my groom had a hunchback and I was 30 pounds fatter. I was heartbroken. I searched for photo editors online and everyone else told me my pictures were not salvageable. I have contacted Ligia at Brubaker Arts and she was able to save all the pictures. I cannot even begin to explain how much those memories mean for me, and thanks to this professional team, now I finally have them and can enjoy them. I will never be able to repay the professional and delicate approach of this unusual and unfortunate project. Thank you so much!"
- Charlotte, Yakima 

"Ligia was able to grasp the vision of our enterprise and manifest it on the website. Since she redesigned our website, we have had numerous clients remark on its quality and how it reflects the quality of our work. Please see and contact us for any gun work you might need. Rest assured you will not be disappointed in trusting your web and graphic design to Ligia."
- B.B., owner, Brubaker Arms

"Ligia was very straight forward with us and accepted no compromise when it came to the quality of the website. We were impressed with her dedication and willingness to spend time explaining to us why she is choosing one way rather than another. After having her design our website, we were fully trustful with her taking over the entire branding of our company, and redesign our logo and social image. She did a marvelous job. Our website is now our main marketing tool - which is what is should have been from the beginning."
- E.T., owner, Cell-Ó

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