Wedding Rings for Men

The wedding jewelry industry is not only about women jewelry anymore. With the LGBTQ marriage laws recently passed and the recognition of the fact that men also like nice jewelry, the industry adapted to a market that until recently did not have enough options. It is not just the bride’s ring that should be in the spotlight on the big day.  In fact, men’s wedding rings are becoming more and more popular in the 21st century.  Grooms are becoming more aware of what they are looking for and entrepreneurs are developing their technological capacity to design and produce jewelry for men.  There is a huge variety of men’s wedding rings available so men are now able to find the perfect wedding ring for that special day.

Diamond wedding bands have transcended the traditional platinum band and have become one of the more popular styles for men’s wedding rings. Diamond jewelry is growing in popularity among men and diamond wedding bands reflects this trend. There are many styles of diamond wedding rings featuring a range of small diamonds or a single showstopper diamond.  As opposed to women's wedding bands, diamonds on a men wedding rings are not raised on a prong setting but are flush the band.  A diamond wedding band is best complimented by yellow or white gold as these metals will help the diamonds to stand out and come at an affordable price.

For grooms with a refined fashion taste there are designer wedding bands available.  Designer wedding rings allow a couple to express the intensity of their love for each other with matching wedding bands.  From luxurious metals to detailed and stunning cuts and designs, a groom can have a ring that stands out.

For grooms with classic taste there are modern wedding bands with classic cut diamonds.  Classic patterned wedding bands make a powerful statement about the union between two people.  They can incorporate personalized designs and are crafted using quality metals like white gold and yellow gold.  Unlike popular belief, the higher the quality of the gold, the softer it will be. Gold that doesn't get scratched in time it actually isn't as high-quality as the one that will start showing marks after a few years of daily use. Classic wedding bands can incorporate two-tone finishes (satin and gloss) and can also feature cross-cut patterns..

Men’s wedding bands are now more thought-through design-wise.  They are supposed to be worn for the rest of your life so it is important to find a wedding band that you love and will treasure forever.

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