Gifts For Your Bridesmaids - Tips and Money Saving Ideas!

The tradition of the bridal party began in ancient Rome with a bride selecting close friends and relatives to accompany and protect her on the journey to the marriage ceremony. Times have changed, of course, and while bridesmaids have less of a bodyguard role these days, their participation is no less important.

Bridesmaids offer faithful support and wise advice to the bride as the wedding plans come together. As a remembrance of her cherished friendship, the thoughtful bride always presents each bridesmaid with a gift as an expression of esteem, love and gratitude.

1. Jewelry and Accessories If you are not worried about your budget, keep in mind that jewelry is a great reminder of a special event and it will be treasured for a lifetime. Diamonds come with a hefty price tag, but they are still a girl’s best friend. Your bridesmaids will be dazzling with matching jewelry!

If Diamonds are not the answer, personalized jewelry is also an enduring gift. Sterling silver bracelets with or without charms can be engraved with a bridesmaid’s monogram. Jewelry with picture inserts from your wedding can have a strong impact on your bridesmaids. They will surely cherish your connection for years to come!

2. Pashminas Pashmina shawls have made an outstanding come-back in fashion in the last year. Depending on the fabric they are made out of, Pashmina shawls can be a very elegant accessory that compliments your bridesmaid's outfits. They can also have a functional role if the wedding is in autumn - provided they are manufactured from a thicker fabric. 3. Scent Set If a super-luxurious bridesmaid gift idea is what you're after, a kit of fancy perfume, shower gel, body milk and soap totally fits the bill. 4. Chocolate Mmmm.... Self-explanatory, right? 5. Grapes, Cheese & Crackers for the whole lot! If you are planning on investing money into something that is a little bit more classy but nowhere near as pricey as individual gifts, a large platter of cheese, crackers and grapes as snacks during the getting ready time is PERFECT. "No more grapes!" said no bridesmaid ever! 6. Personalized Towels, Robes, Pillow Cases, Shirts, etc. Any small item, when personalized, becomes a heartwarming gift! Wherever you live, you can find a local embroidery place that can customize your gift. If you live in the Yakima Valley, there is one place that provides the highest quality and the quickest turnaround time: Tieton Custom Embroidery and Prints. I usually don't mention companies by their names, but I will mention them by name because they are making some absolutely fantastic personalized items! Using screen printing or embroidery, they do literally anything from hand towels to beach towels, shirts, robes, pillow cases, etc.

Ultimately, keep in mind that the gift a bride chooses reflects the strong bond of friendship between her and her bridesmaids, celebrated on this joyous occasion. A heartfelt gift means more than the market value of the gift.

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