Choosing The Right Number For Your Wedding Party during COVID Pandemic

One of the first and most enjoyable parts of wedding planning is when the bride and groom decide who will be their wedding attendants.

Modern couples who are planning on having very small weddings right after the states will fully be open are choosing fewer bridesmaids and groomsmen than they would have chosen otherwise. There is nothing wrong or upsetting about this. Each wedding is, after all, not only a reflection of the couple but also a reflection of the culture and time it happened in. Weddings celebrated during wars or national crisis tend to be smaller - however, they are just as valuable as the weddings celebrated during prosperous, peaceful times. All weddings are based on love and commitment. Love gives hope during hard times - don't you find? Weddings with up to 50 guests have generally cut back entirely from bridesmaids and groomsmen. However, this is not a new rule - just a trend based on an extraordinary situation. Weddings planned for roughly 100 guests have 3 couples of bridesmaids and groomsmen, as opposed to the 2017-2019 weddings that rocked a whooping 6 couples of bridesmaids and groomsmen for 100 guests.

All is not doom and gloom! Although we need to adjust to the new way of managing the logistical aspect of weddings for a while, some of the advantages of choosing a smaller bridal party include:  less people to worry about regarding the cost and fittings of their wedding attire, fewer people to pick up from the airport, provide lodgings, and return to the airport, and less gifts to purchase for the bridal party.

A few disadvantages may be that some important friends or family will feel left out.  There will be less help in shopping, planning and hosting bridal showers, decorating, and making favors.

If the bride has six beloved sisters and the groom has only two close friends, a compromise may have to be made.  It is possible for the groom to use the bride’s brother, cousin, uncle or other relative as an attendant.  If some of the bride's sisters are already married, the groom can ask their husbands to be attendants and escort their wives.  These selections will certainly please the bride’s family.

The flower girl and ring bearer should also be recognized as part of the bridal party.  It has become more common to have several flower girls and even more then one ring bearer.  (The number does no