Bridal Shower Themes And Ideas

Bridal showers are a popular form of party held for the bride before her wedding day. Friends of the bride gather to celebrate her upcoming marriage, and to shower her with useful gifts. There are many different themes that these parties can incorporate, and will depend mainly on the bride's personality and interests. Bridal showers are most commonly held in Canada, the United States and Australia. Held a number of weeks before the wedding, they are a celebration of the bride-to-be. Party guests typically shower her with gifts that will be useful in her new life as a wife. Generally, these parties are overseen by the bridesmaids. Traditional bridal showers had all female guests, but modern variations needn't be as strict. The same applies to numbers of party guests: you may choose to have just a small number of close friends or hundreds of well-liked friends and relatives. They often follow any of a number of bridal shower themes.

To help make the party fun and interesting, a theme can be chosen for the bridal shower that reflects the interests and needs of the bride. A different theme might be chosen for gifts than from the actual party, such as a Kitchen theme for gifts and a Makeover theme for the party, or the themes might tie in with each other.

Pantry shower

For those couples moving into a new house for the first time, kitchen themed showers can be an fantastic way for their friends to help them get set up. Groceries, spices, kitchen utensils and appliances, and gift cards are useful gifts for stocking their new kitchen. Samples of similar-looking kitchen ingredients, such as different types of flours and powders, can be put into clear, unmarked containers as a set-up for a fun game. Guests have to try and identify all the different substances, and the person who can name the most wins a small prize. Another game is 'Apron Memory.' An apron is decorated with different kitchen utensils, and the bride wears it around the room for a minute. Then she hides the apron and guests have to see how many items they can remember from it.

Pajama party

Grab your favorite jamies and prepare for a girl's night in. Score manicures, pedicures, massages and facials from all your friends. Ask your guests for prezzies like bathroom accessories and cosmetics, maybe some sexy nightwear to replace your old pj's.

Makeover shower

If the bride is still undecided about what colors and foundations are going to look totally hot for her wedding day, the bridal shower can be a chance to try out different makeup combinations. Take turns painting her face, and take pictures of the results to laugh at later. You might like to call in the professionals, like an Avon consultant, to get down to the serious business of picking out different makeups.

Alphabet Theme

With twenty-six or more guests you can have some fun using the letters of the alphabet. Assign one letter to each guest, and ask them to bring a gift that starts with that letter. A party game might involve guests naming an attribute of marriage that begins with that letter. This can be really interesting when you get to letters like Q and Z!

Bring Your Favorite Memories

For a really memorable occasion, have guests bring a gift or memento that relates to a special memory they share with the bride. A variation of this to get everyone to make up a scrapbook page, then compile all the pages into a book to be presented to her at the shower. It makes for a great conversation starter, with everyone relating different stories about the bride!

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