Are You a Runaway Bride?

Did you see the movie "Runaway Bride"? If you didn`t, or don`t completely remember, let me bring you up to speed.

Runaway Bride is a story about Maggie. Maggie was an intelligent woman, in her thirties, but confused. She was confused about what she really wanted in life because she

didn`t really know who she was.

Unfortunately Maggie developed quite a reputation in her small town. She was known as the runaway bride.

Through out her life Maggie had fallen in love with several different men. She made plans to marry each one of them. But when it came time to say "I do", she ran. Literally.

Then it was back to her normal life working at the hardware store until Bob, another potential husband, came along.

Bob was the local high school football coach. Bob knew Maggie`s history and reputation. But he wasn`t worried. After all, he was a coach. He could teach Maggie what she needed to do.

"Focus, Maggie". That was Bob`s advice.

Sadly, Bob didn`t get the results he was hoping for either. You guessed it. Maggie ran. But Bob sure gave some good advice!

Focus. That`s something we all fail at, at one time or another. And it`s something really important when planning a wedding.

Many brides have a lot in common with Maggie. But they`re not running around looking for the perfect man. They are trying to find the perfect vendor, the perfect wedding dress, the perfect or business that will produce the service they require.

They jump from one vendor to another, looking for that sure thing. Trying to find the perfect way to make the most out of their money, the perfect guests, the perfect wedding - even the perfect groom!

Ready for the bad news?

There is no perfect man. I know. I am one. A man that is. And there is no perfect vendor that will satisfy your desires 100% either. But there are some REALLY good ones to pick from, especially here in the WA state. It`s just a matter of finding it. And working with the vendors at making your wedding day as close to perfection as it can get!

Now, I`m not about to tell you how to choose the right man - or woman for that matter. I can`t. I don`t have a clue.

But there is a way to choose a good vendor or a great wedding planner, a great partner to help you achieve a wedding day that comes as close as possible to the wedding of your dreams!

Ask. That`s it. Ask. Ask someone you trust what they recommend. And ask why. Look at what they suggest and "ask" yourself if it`s worth buying. Would you buy it if you could not sell it?

If you can`t convince yourself it`s worth buying, you won`t be able to convince anyone else at your wedding either that it is a wonderful, different idea. Walk away. No, don't walk - be like Maggie: run!

Then once you find a vendor that sells a service worth buying, do some research.

Research the company and its reputation. Find the company`s home base and check with the Better Business Bureau. Check with past customers. Check reviews. Check with your friends. You may find some boards or forums that discuss what you`re looking for. If not, find appropriate forums and get opinions. Get some pros and cons. And then make a decision.

Yeah, you have to do the hard part. Decide. Decide if what the vendor offers is worth your time, money and effort. If it is...

Focus. Trust Bob. He was right.

You know you have a good vendor. So develop a plan with your vendor and make it work!

Just like a race horse, you don`t want distractions. Put on your blinders, stay focused and focus on enjoying not only your wedding but also the planning process of your wedding! And especially if you are planning your wedding over a couple years stretch, don't chase every new and improved vendor that comes along.

Maggie finally found what she wanted. She met a man and actually tied the knot. She stuck with him and gave him a chance. No, he wasn`t perfect. But we can assume she lived happily ever after...

© 2002, Jeff Neil, All Rights Reserved. Article written by Jeff Neil, Editor of Always Marketing. Jeff is a two year Internet veteran who has learned the hard way to Run a Business, Not a Hobby. Will you do the same?

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