5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be really overwhelming with all the efforts that go into making this big day a memorable one for everyone, especially for the bride and the groom. Many couples are considering hiring a wedding planner and let him / her handle everything, from dinner rehearsal and the big event to the last-minute works. If you are also looking for a right wedding manager for your special day, here’s what you must ask them during the interview:

How Do They Stay In Touch With Their Customers?  

A wedding certainly involves a lot of planning and speculations. So it becomes quite important to get in touch with the wedding planner to offer suggestions and ideas to the team as well as keep yourself updated about the progress in arrangement. So while you select a managing company, ask them how do they plan on communicating with you. There are several ways to be in touch. While emails might seem to be a great option for keeping things simple, you can also meet them personally or call them sometimes to get your weekly updates for a more personal touch to the arrangement.

However, you must ask them beforehand how often they can communicate with you. Though some brides like to receive updates and give their personal opinions, others simply allow the planner to take charge of everything, or at least as much as possible. No matter what your preference is, if you choose a wedding planner, make sure that it is reliable enough to finish the job with accuracy and expertise.

Will They Help You Stay In Your Budget?

People generally spend a great deal of amount on arranging a wedding. But a good planner is committed to offer client satisfaction by maintaining the strict financial parameter. The wedding industry offers and incredible amount of wedding services and products to choose from. You should be the one deciding what your budget limit is and what exactly you are planning on having at your wedding. Make sure you are open to the planner's suggestions, but do double-check everything. Sometimes wedding planners can see a product or service as being essential, whilst you are completely against purchasing that service or product. The wedding planner is your hired manager, not the director of the wedding - you are still the director of your wedding. Are They Trustworthy or Hungry? There are a number of wedding planners that are taking commissions from different vendors when they make sure they keep the vendors busy. That may be very useful for the industry and the vendors, but not for you. If the wedding vendors that you have hired before contracting the wedding planner all of a sudden start being dismissed and replaced by your wedding planner's trusted vendor, double-check with the vendors the cause for dropping out of the contract with you. Wedding planners charge up to 30% of their vendor's package for releasing the original vendor (the one you picked) and bringing in their own vendor. Whilst a wedding planner might charge you 2k, they might also charge their vendors thousands of dollars. This can create serious tensions within the team. It is best if you pick the vendors that you trust and stay in touch directly with the vendors, not exclusively through the wedding planner. The way you can tell if a wedding planner has your best interest at heart (and not their own pocket's best interest....) is by looking through their portfolio. If they are versatile and can accommodate your pick in vendors, they will have a portfolio that includes a variety of photography company, florists, hairstylists, catering companies, bakers. If their portfolio seems to be unidirectional and always engaging the same vendors, stay away. Vendors who offer quality service do not need to make deals with wedding planners and give them a cut if they can get writ of their competition. Quality work generates contracts. Lesser quality work can generate contracts only by using unconventional tools to eliminate the competition. As a photographer in WA state, I can assure you that I have a list of wedding planners that I have worked with - and with some of them I had a really good collaboration, with others it was really hard to work with, for the above mentioned reasons. Contacting at least 5 of the vendors of the same type (5 florists or 5 photographers or 5 live bands) that your wedding planner had worked with in the past will give you a clear perspective on how trustworthy they are. Ask these vendors what their experience was with the wedding planner and how often do they work with this particular wedding planner. What Services Can They Actually Offer?

A trustworthy professional Wedding Planner takes note of all the details and tries to offer the best services that are aimed at covering the needs of their clients. While some provide comprehensive packages, others can only work on specific tasks. So go through their list of services and find out if they are suitable for you. Once you select a wedding planner, you can enjoy the entire process before your marriage as they are well experienced in doing this job.

Do They Have Enough Experience In This Field?

You cannot trust any virtual stranger with the responsibility of your big day. Can you? So go check out the experience of the planners and the years they have spent in this business. You can run through their online site to find testimonials of the projects they have undertaken as well as read the reviews of their previous clients. If everything appears satisfactorily good, then you can contact them personally and ask about wedding hire decorations as well as the type of wedding they have worked on, their size, location and theme to get a better idea about their team.

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