5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be really overwhelming with all the efforts that go into making this big day a memorable one for everyone, especially for the bride and the groom. Many couples are considering hiring a wedding planner and let him / her handle everything, from dinner rehearsal and the big event to the last-minute works. If you are also looking for a right wedding manager for your special day, here’s what you must ask them during the interview:

How Do They Stay In Touch With Their Customers?  

A wedding certainly involves a lot of planning and speculations. So it becomes quite important to get in touch with the wedding planner to offer suggestions and ideas to the team as well as keep yourself updated about the progress in arrangement. So while you select a managing company, ask them how do they plan on communicating with you. There are several ways to be in touch. While emails might seem to be a great option for keeping things simple, you can also meet them personally or call them sometimes to get your weekly updates for a more personal touch to the arrangement.

However, you must ask them beforehand how often they can communicate with you. Though some brides like to receive updates and give their personal opinions, others simply allow the planner to take charge of everything, or at least as much as possible. No matter what your preference is, if you choose a wedding planner, make sure that it is reliable enough to finish the job with accuracy and expertise.