Brubaker Arts is a wedding photography company located in Yakima, Washington, serving state wide and internationally. Ligia Brubaker, the owner and founding member, has developed and refined her artistic skills over years of hard work and international studies of canonical fine arts with incredibly talented tutors (private and academic tutoring). She has a solid understanding of canonical arts and her work reflects the highest European standards; these standards have been passed on to her whilst she was studying in Europe and and traveling across the world.

Ligia's photography style is narrative; her prefered visual palette is true to color with warm filters. She practices pictural framing, as if every picture is a true oil painting on canvas. The result of her work is an elegant, bohemian, detailed account of your wedding day with a delicate sense of whimsical mystery.

Services Offered
Wedding and wedding-related photography.


England, Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Italy and Serbia (art galleries and private homes of art patrons).

Awards and honors received
Awarded in Italy, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia.

Work Experience
Extensive work experience abroad with multiple artists

Lead Photographer
Ligia Brubaker. Born in Europe (Hungaro-Romanian descent), she takes pride in her multi-cultural heritage that enables her to connect with other cultures. She has over 30 exhibitions under her belt (and counting).

Light Assistant / Second shooter
Bryan B. His life is sprinkled with musical adventures! You might recognize him from his early years as a mini-star in the music world. He has an unquenchable thirst for beauty and a good camera!

Third shooter
Mike H., a very talented photographer with a lot of creativity and positive approach.


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