My name is Ligia Brubaker. I was born in Europe (Hungaro-Romanian descent) and I take pride in my multi-cultural heritage that enables me to connect with other cultures. I have studied arts and photography in Europe (Romania and England).
My work has been exhibited across Europe at different art galleries and private homes of art patrons in England, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Romania and Serbia and it
 has been awarded in Italy, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia.

I have established my residence and opened a photography studio in the Pacific North-West in the autumn of 2016. I have brought together a team of professionals with years of experience under their belts, with the purpose of offering impeccable services.

As a team, we have extensive work experience abroad with multiple artists, all of us having traveled for work and leisure in over twenty European countries, the African continent and different parts of the U.S.
Our favorite weddings are the ones that expose different family lifestyles, traditions, cultures and show just how strong family bonds are. We love international weddings!


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